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MoeryLAI ClientsAssociations need business growth strategies and execution to thrive.  Companies seek effective association relationships to maximized ROI and business objectives.  The Moery Company is “right in the middle” to make it happen.

American Coating Association

JP and his team have been fantastic. Their professionalism and responsiveness are unparalleled. It’s a pleasure to work with them.”

—Andy Doyle, President and CEO, American Coatings Association

2 Oct

Someone tried to sell me. What happened?

This week two people called to sell me something for a change.  The interesting role reversal provided an opportunity to critique and reflect.  Here are some observations. The Salespeople were articulate.  In both cases the sales rep was well read, pleasant, not pushy, and knew the product.  They also seemed from very interested in delivering value to my company. Referrals were used. Then, we began to unravel… All about them.  Both conversations were solely about their product.  Not once did the sales rep ask … read more

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