2020 Is the Most Important Year for Membership - Association Field Report (October, 9, 2020) - The Moery Company


Today, I want to bring some energy to you! We’re heading into the most important membership season and year ever in the history of organizations. Why? Because our industries really need us, they see the importance of our work, and you’ve demonstrated the incredible membership value over the last several months.

However, you may have a smaller team, they’re working remotely, or you may have made a reduction. I’ve seen associations that are cutting back on their teams. Which leads me to the question: who’s going to do membership work for you? I’ve got an answer. But, first, let me tell you about trends that we’re observing that you might want to consider.

This is going to be an interesting year for membership because our non-dues revenue streams are uncertain. We don’t know if we’re going to have our meetings and event program like we did last year.  If we do have events, they will be smaller or virtual with a reduction in gross revenue from previous years. This is why membership will be more important.

Membership will take on a more holistic approach with onboarding, recruitment, engagement and renewal. These are no longer separate projects.

We’re experiencing a K shaped recovery. Some of your members are doing well – with some industry segments flourishing – while others may be not doing so well. There are geographical discrepancies with certain parts of the country doing better than others.

Small businesses need the information about PPP loan forgiveness, reopening their business, and they’re relying on you for this information from you.

Membership modernization continues to be a growing – and necessary – trend. Are there new industry segments or new dues levels you can consider?

Virtual meetings will continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future. We’ve got to collect data from participants because those are the folks that are going to be more likely to renew or become new members.

The value of local organizations is more important than ever for national associations. Connect with your local and state chapters; alignment with their value propositions is essential.

This year is the most important year for membership, ever. The importance is not going away and we’ve got to be diligent about focusing on recruitment, renewal, onboarding, retention. Focus on 2021.


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