3 Steps to Re-energize membership development. - The Moery Company

Over the last two years, I have worked with dozens of associations regarding membership recruitment.  In most instances, the organization faced a malaise with their program.  In some cases, a membership classification was not growing or the overall membership scenario was in decline.

Here are three steps to improve your prognosis before the Nationals enter the playoffs in September.

1. Establish a reporting system.  Many associations are not aware of how many true prospects exist, the quality or quantify of engagement with them, or the pipeline of likely new members on a weekly basis.  At MoeryLAI we use salesforce.com to log every single call, email, or other contact.  Our golden rule is, “If it isn’t in salesforce.com, it didn’t happen.”

2. Use scripts for phone calls, voice mails and emails.  If a script is good enough for President Obama, Robert DeNiror and other communicators, it is good enough for you and me.  This is the single most effective tactic we have used in our company.  It enables you to test messages, have a consistent theme and leave more effective voice mails.

3. Prospects are turned off by association structure. Membership promotion materials are laden with “association speak.”  Prospects can read about committees to join, the meetings we conduct, etc. Basically the association talks about itself instead of specific stories about how members get the most value.  Drop the committee list (they don’t want to be on it anyway) and include real stories about how  a member grew business, protected a product line or saved money because of the association.

I hope these are helpful thoughts and feel free to comment below.  Look forward to hearing our podcast, Association Leadership, coming soon.