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Association membership sales is a dynamic process and requires a specialized approach by your team. It’s been my experience at The Moery Company potential members will join for “one reason” – the one that solves their most pressing problem.

However, that “one thing” can differ from prospect to prospect. So, it’s critical to identify what that “thing” is – whether it’s how you help them get more business to assisting in navigating a new regulation. Once you’ve nailed down the pain point – you can do what you do best – and, bring that new member on board.

With this in mind, for a successful membership recruitment effort – the successful sales team must possess 4 key characteristics:

#1 Most importantly, the team is organized. Every single salesperson has a plan for the day and for the week. On Monday, they’ve wrapped up the previous week’s business and have set goals to accomplish for the coming week. These sales people are on top of what needs to get done on any given day.

#2 The team communicates on a weekly basis with their clients as to what they’re learning. When working with our partners, our team sends over a communication’s report every Friday afternoon with a weekly report of updates: new prospects and sales, issues with which we’re managing, and the status of the pipeline. So, your salespeople should be communicating internally with you as well on their progress and what they are learning in the field.

#3 The team documents everything. It’s important, not just for management, but also for the salespeople to document everything. For the salespeople, it helps them manage their work: what they should be doing, where they are with a client, where things are in the pipeline, and when they should be contacting people again.

For management, it’s key for to know where each team member is in the process – should a salesperson become sick or need take immediate extended leave. Without a CRM-like Salesforce, you’d have no idea where they are with each client.  In emergencies, Salesforce enables you to pull up an account and see exactly where things are at. We have a motto here: If it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen. And, every single company these days should have some form of a CRM to track activities.

#4 The team has established next steps. No matter whether it’s your calls, emails, proposed meetings, each team member must have the next step with every single client.

Any questions? Let’s connect – mike@moerycompany.com and follow me on Twitter at @MthomasTMC . The best of luck to you in 2018!

Mike Thomas is the Moery Company’s Senior Vice President, Sales. 

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