A Look Inward - Association Field Report (November 20, 2020) - The Moery Company

Today’s field report is going to be a little bit different. Today it’s a Report from the Office, my office. Some things that I’m thinking about that I want to share with you.

You know, I may come off as someone who has it together with all of the advice and solutions that I have shared with you over the years. The fact of the matter is that I share my own experiences and lessons learned from them.

Here’s what I’m worried about when it comes to my own business: the challenge of thinking long-term during a short-term crisis. I’m always trying to think about the long game – customer relationships, staffing, ramping up for scalability, and more – and the biggest challenge for me right now is doing that while I’m managing the P&L on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis.

There are so many things that are right up there in your in your windshield. How do you address those while still thinking long-term?

Here’s where I think the most important things are:

1. Focus on your value system. Why are you here? Who are you doing this for? How are you serving your clients?

2. Engagement. How are you engaging your team? They’re alone by themselves working remotely, are you having enough conversations and encouraging them during the process? That’s going to help you in the short- and long-term?

3. Are you watching how your clients are working with their clients? So, in the association space, how are your members dealing with their customers? I think you’re going to find some solutions, programs, services, and ways to help them if you know how your ecosystem serves them.

These are all short-term things that I think – if you get them right – will help you in the near term and will also help you throughout your organization’s existence.

This is what I’m challenged with right now. Hope this is helpful to you. Hang in there.


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