A Statement on Diversity - The Moery Company

Since the heartbreaking events of the past several weeks, I have become more self-aware of my role in the lives of Black Americans in this country. Although I will never fully understand the problems of this community due to my privilege as a white man, I must do better to educate myself and act now.

I am sorry I did not previously have the structure in place to promote inclusivity and diversity in my company. Today, I pledge to change that, committing to a plan to actively promote Black men and women in my community and profession. This plan is the beginning of a longer process of words but more importantly, action, to promote equality effective immediately:

  1. I have begun asking Black business executives to participate in The Moery Company advisory board. We seek their expert knowledge and perspectives to our strategic direction.
  2. The Moery Company will start a paid internship program for a Black student or recent graduate of West Potomac or Mount Vernon High School.
  3. The Moery Company will actively recruit Black candidates for the next open position. At least 50% of the candidate pool will be comprised of minorities.

Your comments are welcome to any of the above moving forward.

JP Moery, CEO