Advancea's Acquisition of The Moery Company - Ask JP #086 - The Moery Company

Hello, this is a special edition of Ask JP. The question is, tell us about the acquisition of The Moery Company. I’m happy to do it.

The Moery Company is having the best year in its history in 2021.  I could see that our association clients were evolving into needing more services and we needed a partner that could provide the opportunity to become a larger organization with a wider array of services and frankly, more depth.

The other thing was that the workforce needs in this country and having the ability to retain talent is very important.  If we partnered with an organization or were bought by someone with more capacity, that would give my team members more opportunity.

Those are two of the major things that were driving us. I’m so excited about how we’re going to continue to work with our existing clients and how the same team is going to be doing it.  We’re going to expand the services, and I believe become a better company moving forward.

The Moery Company is still going to be the brand, the Big Red M is still going to exist. I look forward to helping them on some of the consulting projects that we’ve got in place and continuing that role. I’m going to help them in any way during this transition and help them for the future. It’s an exciting time.

Thanks for the question. Hope that clears it up and kind of gives you some perspective of where I was coming from. Talk soon. Bye-bye.

Read full press release here. 

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