Adapting to Change During Challenging Times - The Moery Company

The year 2020 has been a challenging year for many and in more ways than one. Some businesses have had to close their doors temporarily – some permanently – while others have made it to the other side stronger than before.

The biggest lesson that I learned this year was the importance of being able to adapt. For example, associations have been relying on live events for years as a major portion of their revenue stream. Unfortunately, live events came to an abrupt halt when COVID terrorized the country. Associations were forced to postpone or cancel their events indefinitely. Associations realized that they needed to find a way to gather their members, even if it meant that it happened in a virtual space.

The live events that our partners have put on have been extremely successful with record numbers in attendance. However, it wasn’t that way right away. Companies were initially hesitant to get involved with virtual events because they had not seen success with them in the past. However, if you are not participating in live events and continuing to market your business, then what are you doing? The answer is nothing. Just as associations were forced to host virtual events, companies were forced to come to terms with the fact that this was the new normal and – if they didn’t want to shut their doors permanently – they needed to adapt.

You should never get too comfortable in life with anything, whether personally or in business. As we learned this year, we all need to be willing to shift and do something out of our comfort zone in order to continue moving forward and not fall behind. I think this lesson is an important one that will carry us through once COVID becomes a thing of the past. Moving forward, we will see a lot of hybrid events that incorporate both in-person and virtual components. Companies now see the value of the virtual aspect and associations will want to make sure that they are catering to all member needs by providing a full menu of opportunities.


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