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Business Consulting Services for Association Growth

    The Moery Company helps solve revenue growth problems for our partner associations, whether it’s membership, product, sponsorship, or exhibitor programs. We employ a holistic approach toward identifying the underlying factors contributing to an organization’s revenue stall or design new approaches to help take revenue to the next level. Our careful and methodical approach enables our team to resolve our client’s overall challenge.

    To get an in-depth picture of the organization as a whole, we work closely with our partners – we listen, we observe, and obtain hard data, as our team conducts a comprehensive Association Review. A typical review might include components such as:

    ·      Detailed business analysis, including membership and non-dues revenue streams
    ·      Review of the onsite marketing and sales process, including measurement of sales activity
    ·      Interviews with association members and key staff for critical insights
    ·       Segmentation of members for better understanding of purchasing patterns
    ·       Survey of members and nonmembers for a larger picture of member opinions

    As we move closer to answers, it’s been our experience that associations also benefit from knowing where they stand in the competitive landscape – what are other organizations doing differently, better, or more cost effective? Our team conducts an in-depth Industry Analysis, which might include:

    ·         An examination of business models of competing organizations
    ·         A comparison of categories and price points for dues, products, or sponsorships 
    ·         A review of benefits comparisons and market position for other associations
    ·         Financial comparison of competing organizations’ revenue streams
    ·         Benchmarking tied to industry averages

    And, finally – armed with data, recommendations, and solutions, we provide a Custom-Findings Presentation to your staff and board, designed to facilitate discussions on how to grow your organization. We:

    ·         Provide new scenarios for pricing or infrastructure based on empirical data and feedback
    ·         Present specific implementation and marketing recommendations, based on our perspective gained by hundreds of thousands of sales conversations
    ·         Specify next steps on executing new scenarios

    We strive to provide an in-depth evaluation, industry perspective, and growth strategies backed by solid data for practical, tactical solutions.  Our goal is to help you develop an actionable plan ready for immediate implementation.  Our highest-level team will be brought to your project to ensure your project has the attention and expertise you deserve.

     To each partner, we bring our core values: collaboration, integrity, and dedication.

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