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Association Testimonials

JP and his team have been fantastic. Their professionalism and responsiveness are unparalleled. It’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Andy Doyle, President and CEO, American Coatings Association

President and CEO, American Coatings Association, American Coatings Association

“JP Moery and his team at The Moery Company go above and beyond for their clients. We consider them more than an outside sales team, they are trusted advisors and have gone the extra mile for us. Don’t expect The Moery Company to simply stick to their agreement, they provide much more than what is on paper.”

Dirk Ebener,

CEO and Managing Director, NürnbergMesse North America

“A strong membership at all levels is critical to any association. Working with The Moery Company, ABA has reformulated our marketing strategies to both expand upon our associate membership base and find new ways to engage them in non-traditional ways. This has proven to be a smart –and effective – business decision for the ABA.”

Susan K. Neely

President and CEO, CAE American Beverage Association

“The Moery Company is a valued and indispensable partner for association. Thanks to our affiliation with JP Moery, AFFI’s member services and affinity programs continue to exceed our expectations.”

Kraig R. Naasz

President and CEO, American Frozen Food Institute

“The Moery Company has been a great help to ACMA. They targeted and have gone after high-dollar members that we were missing for years and brought them in with their sales skills and our proposition. They’ve really been an extension of ACMA.”

Tom Dobbins

President , American Composite Manufacturers Association

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