Baron’s Influencer Analytics Program is a Game Changer - The Moery Company

The association industry is on the cusp of a new and exciting opportunity. Today’s associations are embracing the communications revolution and the ability to track and research information on social media and other means of communication will prove transformative.

Our partner Baron Public Affairs, LLC, a fantastic firm has developed the “Influencer Analytics Program,” now being offered to associations and corporations. This game-changing program tracks nearly 20,000 citations of social media and communications engagement, including tweets, Facebook Live videos, articles, speeches, and press releases from Trump administration officials and their agencies.

Baron gathers this data and can measure and report on which associations, companies, and media outlets are most quoted and cited. This data is then analyzed to rank those whom are most influential on an ongoing basis. I’m pleased to share Baron’s recent Influencer Analytics Report.

The Influencer Analytics Program offers incredible insights and actionable intelligence, which can be utilized by your organization’s public affairs and advocacy professionals to optimize their decision-making. I’m extremely excited about what this can mean for the association industry and corporations, alike – and, I’m here to get the word out!

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