Day in the Life of a Director of Salesforce - The Moery Company

Working with Salesforce can come with a variety of responsibilities depending on what services or products your company provides. At the Moery Company, we use our Salesforce to store all data necessary to complete sales for our clients and as the Salesforce Director, I oversee the management that data.

Salesforce is involved in the beginning, middle, and end of all sales projects which makes my day-to-day vary. At the beginning of new sales projects, I will evaluate the quality of a prospect list and determine if we need to enhance the list for successful sales. After a project launches, I work directly with our sales reps to complete everyday tasks like sending mass communications for their clients. Through the duration of a project, I will provide reports that reflect the sales rep’s activity and sales. Aside from the day to day, an important part of my job is to monitor the daily functionality and technical side of Salesforce. This requires me to make sure all current Salesforce processes are working and dedicate time to reading about new features and upcoming Salesforce releases.

Due to the nature of sales, projects will come and go in waves, and my day-to-day will often change based on what needs to take priority. During my morning email check-ins, for example, I may get requests to send mass communications, enhance a prospect list, or pull a report. On days like that, I will look at my to do list and see what can be moved around. Luckily, I have a helpful Salesforce partner that helps me take care of daily requests when my focus needs to be on another project. Another part of my day may involve reading and researching features and tools rolled out by salesforce several times a year. I am always looking for ways to improve our user experience and enhance productivity.

The skills I most commonly lean on as a Salesforce Director are organization and flexibility and I make sure to approach each day with that in mind.