How Farming Has Made Me a Better Salesperson - The Moery Company

Membership and sponsorship sales by day, farming by night is where I have recently found myself.  And I absolutely love them both.  Oddly enough, they are quite similar.  So, I started to implement a few of my farming habits into my sales strategy and saw a significant difference.

It all revolves around a plan and dedication.   Just like I plan my garden, I plan each sales call or email.  My garden plan starts out with a general outline that shows were I want to plant each crop.

As the season goes, I adjust the plan based on which crops are doing better than others.  I may need to add a few rows, fertilize more, water less…. etc.  Then comes the dedication.  Weeding, watering and waiting lead to a bountiful harvest.  My sales call approach is very similar.  I start with a general outline based on any previous emails or conversations, and then I LISTEN.  By listening I can then adjust my plan to highlight what is most important to the prospect.  Just like my garden, I dedicate time and resources to do whatever I can to close the deal.

My days are much more focused and productive now that I’ve realized how similar my daily activities are and I honestly enjoy both more!

Julie Divine is the Moery Business Development Associate. You can follow Julie on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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