How to Update Your Membership Retention and Renewal Programs - The Moery Company

Many of you are entering the time of year when you renew your members and this time around, due to the current state of the world, the renewal process will look different than before.

On average, our association clients experience 90% of their members renewing on an annual basis. Having an intentional membership renewal plan is critical this year. Here’s a step-by-step plan to develop an intentional renewal process:

Set a Goal and Evaluate Your Resources

Set an internal membership renewal goal and outline the resources that you have on hand to renew your members. What resources can you send an existing member that will help them renew? Look at your newsletters, your educational resources and efforts, summarize your lobbying updates and other advocacy successes, or send out a member survey.

Assign Responsibilities

Who is going to be responsible for carrying out the new or updated renewal process? Who will manage the process and who will support it? Who else in your organization could help support the effort?

Create Benchmarks

When someone renews a membership, what happens for the remainder of the year? Create benchmarks on what steps need to be completed, lead times and completion dates.


The Plan

We’ve got resources, our goals are identified, responsibility has been assigned to our team members, and we’ve created benchmarks. Now we move on to the plan itself.

The rest of the year is about intentionally retaining your members. It’s important to reinforce your value proposition and reach out to your members as part of your retention plan. You should have, on average, 15 points of contact during a membership year with each member. Use a combination of phone calls, e-mails, webinars, calls from other members, and other forms of communication.

Make sure to also have an information kit that you send out to new members – and to those who renew – within 24 hours. Make this part of your standard operating procedures.


When you set up an intentional membership retention plan, your members will realize the value of their membership and all of the incredible things that you’re doing. It’ll make the renewal process more seamless year after year.


What steps have you taken to retain your current membership?