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For associations that are on a calendar year, it’s renewal season.  Membership departments all over are cleaning up their contact list, preparing their renewal letter, and double, even triple checking the tools their members will need to renew. This process comes up every year and it can be super tempting to pull out the SOP on renewals and follow the steps.

For the next year, I invite you to think out of the box. Right now, associations have the incredible opportunity to remind their members how much they are valued. Season greetings are wonderful, and of course, thank you center communication is a must, now and all year long, but have you thought about personal outreach? What if you and your membership team looked at each member individually instead of the group as a whole? Who’s enrolled in your education? Who’s attending your events? Who is buying the products? Are each of the member companies engaged with the committees or workgroups that are applicable to their areas of interest and focus?

The decision for membership renewals are not made when the invoice arrives. It’s based on the way individuals or companies turn to the association throughout the year. Some may say reaching out now is a little too late.

I would argue helping a company to consider what their needs, worries, and concerns are both now and for the year ahead is a great time to help remind them just how much their association can support them.

If they have not turned to you as much in the past, let’s partner together to make that change for the future. If you are looking for more ideas or guidance on renewal or support in the process, reach out we’d love to help.

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