Introducing the Virtual Event Sponsorship Program - The Moery Company


We’re excited to introduce our new service, the Virtual Event Sponsorship Program! The program was designed to help association pivot from in-person events and sponsorships to inventory best suited for virtual platforms.

There are two main components to the program.

The first one is building a custom virtual sponsorship program, starting with an in-depth analysis of your association. We’ll take a look at the virtual platform that you’re using, your existing prospectus, the deliverables that your sponsors want, and more. Then we will develop a new pricing structure and new sponsorship inventory based on the analysis of your association and industry.

We know that you’re trying to figure it all out on tight deadlines. We can help you pivot, meet your meeting related deadlines, and move you toward your non-dues revenue goals.

We’ve been analyzing different platforms, looking at pricing models, and we’re ready to do this for you!

The second component of the program, if you choose to use it, is sales. Our team is ready to go to market with your new sponsorship program and sell the inventory to existing prospects as well as converting current sponsors into the new virtual program.

Selling a new type of sponsorship inventory requires effort and bandwidth. We are specialists when it comes to sponsorships and we are ready to get started on creating and launching your virtual sponsorship program.

Let’s get to work together.

Learn more about the program by clicking here.


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