Meet the Team: Diane Moery - Chief Operating Officer - The Moery Company


Hi, I am Diane Moery. I am the Chief Operating Officer at The Moery Company and I’ve held that position for about a year now.

Prior to that, in my previous life, I actually spent the first part of my career of my twenty-somethings on Capitol Hill working for a US senator and the leadership office for about ten years. Then I went on and lobbied for NFIB and I’ve also contract lobbied. So, when I came to this business that JP started a couple years ago, I came with a little different take on things, kind of from the advocacy side, not necessarily thinking of associations and the groups we represented from the business perspective. This was what JP really thinks about, but that definitely helped me to understand where our clients were coming from, especially since many of their missions are very advocacy driven. I liked thinking about that.

The things I do now are somewhat more operational to the company, which is outside of my original career box, but I have really learned a lot. I’ve got to work with a lot of great people here at this company, learned a lot about writing and media, and how we express ourselves. I’ve never had that experience before so I’m hoping that I get to grow with this small company in many different ways. From my previous experience and hope that The Moery Company can help you and I know we can. Thanks!

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