Meet the Team: Patty Leeman - Chief Analyst - The Moery Company



Hi there, I’m Patty Leeman, the Chief Analyst here at The Moery Company.

I’ve been working in the association world for twenty years, starting at the American Society of Civil Engineers, where I joined after having been an engineer for a number of years. From there I went to the US Chamber of Commerce, where I met this wonderful man, JP Moery, and was able to work with him there, The Committee of 100 and other cool projects: The Institute for Organization Management and others. And, after that, I helped build a for-profit consulting company for a nursing association. So, I’ve had all kinds of fun background stuff before I settled in here at The Moery Company.

Right now, what I love to do is figure out how to do things, how do we get the data we need to make decisions, big on data! I love playing with old rate cards that need to be updated for dues analysis, looking at sponsorships, and new opportunities. I have a passion for helping associations strengthen their organization by finding new streams of revenue and maximizing what they do. And, aligning very carefully with their true value proposition.

Thanks for listening to me today, hope we get to meet soon!