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Outstanding Business Development for Associations

The Moery Company has quickly become one of the most respected and successful association consulting firms in the nonprofit industry. Moery Company professionals, with our company values of collaboration, entrepreneurship and integrity, have built a fantastic reputation among the nation’s best associations.

The Moery Company makes tens of thousands of contacts annually to sell membership, sponsorship and other valuable services for our association clients. These experiences also enable us to provide excellent business development consulting advice to trade associations.

The Moery Company is proud to name our partners, share their stories, and introduce you to the team that makes it all happen:


The Moery Company is proud to have had the following organizations as partners:

Aluminum AssociationAmerican Academy of Physicians Assistants

American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists

American Association of Retired Persons

American Bakers Association

American Beverage Association

American Bus Association

American Coatings Association

American Composite Manufacturers Association

American Forest and Paper Association

American Frozen Food Institute

American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers

American Moving and Storage Association

American Society of Civil Engineers

Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

Association of American Railroads

Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

Biotechnology Industry Organization

BSA │The Software Alliance

Consumer Bankers Association

Consumer Data Industry Association

Consumer Specialty Products Association

Diesel Technology Forum

Electronic Cigarette Industry Group

Financial Executives International

Global Cold Chain Alliance

Grocery Manufacturers of America

Hydraulics Institute

Independent Community Bankers AssociationInformation Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Insured Retirement Institute

International Franchise Association

International Sign Association

Interactive Advertising Bureau

Investment Company Institute

Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation

Mortgage Bankers Association

National Air Transportation Association

National Association of Manufacturers

National Beer Wholesalers Association

National Electrical Contractors Association

National Roofing Contractors Association

NürenbergMesse North America

Oklahoma Association of Realtors

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute

Personal Care Products Council

Renewable Fuels Association

Snack Food Association

Society of the Plastics Industry

Solar Energy Industries Association

Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association

Textile Rental Service Association
Vinyl Building Council

Wildlife Habitat Council


Our Success Stories


Membership Development

  • Developed and executed a new membership program, which enlisted more than 250,000 small businesses.
  • Revitalized the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Association Committee of 100 into the premier network of organizations CEOs. Committee members include former members of Congress, governors, former administration officials, and multiple association “executives of the year.”
  • Set record new-membership growth for consumer goods association during recession and industry consolidation.


Business Partnerships

  • Led a $3 million business development division with endorsements from market leaders in insurance, transport, job boards, and small business products.
  • Development efforts led to hundreds of program sponsors for meetings, seminars and publications.
  • Initiated advertising sales plan, which increased advertising revenue more than 30%—record levels—for a national publication.
  • Assisted food trade group in the development of a new business partnership program, including in-depth interviews with current sponsors, competing association comparison, and best practices recommendations based on “real-life” experiences.



  • Set sales record for banking association’s annual meeting.
  • Launched sponsorship campaign for manufacturing summit by developing prospectus, establishing sponsor lists, and conducting direct sales.
  • Assisted in inventory development and sales for three annual/international petrochemical industry events.


Strategy and Implementation

  • Partnered with business guru Michael Treacy, renowned author and strategist, to produce The Competitive Association, an analysis of the nation’s fastest-growing associations.
  • Conducted leadership evaluation for one of the nation’s most well-respected association CEOs and association board of directors.
  • Initiated revitalization plan for the nation’s longest-running professional development program for association and chamber of commerce executives.
  • Implemented the first nationwide, independent crane operator certification program, testing more than 1,000 operators in the first 6 months.
  • Advised a $2 billion corporation regarding its association market product launch.
  • Provided counsel and sales strategy to leading communications firm regarding its association “go-to market” tactics.
  • Recommended association marketing and sales tactics for leading public affairs firm and national communications agency.


While Moery Company accomplishments can be delineated, what ultimately speaks to our success are Moery client testimonials: 

    • “The Moery Company has been a great help to ACMA. They targeted and have gone after high-dollar members that we were missing for years and brought them in with their sales skills and our proposition. They’ve really been an extension of ACMA.”
      Tom Dobbins, President, American Composite Manufacturers Association


  • “JP Moery and his team at the Moery Company go above and beyond for their clients. We consider them more than an outside sales team; they are trusted advisors and have gone the extra mile for us. Don’t expect The Moery Company to stick to their agreement, they provide much more than what is on paper.”
    Dirk Ebener, CEO and Managing Director, NürenbergMesse North America
  • “JP and his team have been fantastic. Their professionalism and responsiveness are unparalleled. It is a pleasure to work with them.”
    Andy Doyle, President and CEO, American Coatings Association
  • “JP Moery is a trusted advisor. Specifically, The Moery Company assessed our robust sponsorship programs. They gathered opinions from BIO internal and external stakeholders while supplying specific action items to enhance our practices. His work has provided enormous benefits to BIO.” Scott Whitaker, Chief Operating Officer, Biotechnology Industry Organization.
  • “The Moery Company is a valued and indispensable partner for our association. Thanks to our affiliation with JP Moery, AFFI’s member services and affinity programs continue to exceed our expectations.”
    Kraig R. Naasz, President and CEO of American Frozen Food Institute
  • “A strong membership at all levels is critical to any association. Working with The Moery Company, ABA has reformulated our marketing strategies to both expand upon our associate membership base and find new ways to engage them in non-traditional ways. This has proven to be a smart – and effective – business decision for the ABA.”
    Susan K. Neely, President and CEO, CAE American Beverage Association


Senior Leadership Team

President: JP Moery

JP Moery is the President and founder of The Moery Company, a business growth company specializing in association development activities including membership, sponsor programs and other fundraising projects. The Moery Company provides direct-sales and business development coaching for some of the nation’s leading organizations.

JP previously served as Senior Vice President at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where he oversaw the Association Committee of 100, the most prestigious group of association CEOs and executives in the country. During his tenure at the chamber, JP developed and launched a program that added more than 250,000 companies to the organization’s membership.

Before joining the U.S. Chamber, JP was Executive Director of the grassroots program for the American Trucking Association and Vice President of the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association where he implemented a crane operator certification program that tested more than 1,000 operators in its first month.

JP also has experience in today’s digital media environment having served as Executive Vice President, Association Relations for SmartBrief: a corporation that produces co-branded electronic publications with leading associations for 3 million subscribers. Under his leadership, the number of partnering associations for SmartBrief doubled in less than 3 years.

Vice President: Elizabeth H. Johnson Elizabeth H. Johnson, Vice President, a member of The Moery Company team since its inception in 2010, is responsible for selling memberships, sponsorships, and advertising for associations and for-profit corporations. Prior to The Moery Company, Elizabeth worked within the association segment of Marriott’s prestigious global sales team.

With quality customer service a top priority, Elizabeth has led successful membership campaigns for the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA)—meeting and exceeding membership goals for 2011 and 2012.  In addition, Elizabeth has conducted business development efforts for Leading Authorities, CEO Update, and NAM’s Council of Manufacturing Associations. With a background in advertising, Elizabeth sold record amounts of print and online advertising for CEO Update, growing and expanding new revenue opportunities for the publication.

Vice President: Mike ThomasMike Thomas, a business development professional with vast association and media experience, is a Vice President at The Moery Company. Presently, Mike conducts sponsorship and membership campaigns for several organizations, including the American Coatings Association, the Insured Retirement Institute, and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.

Mike has nearly 20 years of experience in business development, sales, and management. Mike has worked with key associations including the Grocery Manufacturers Association, National Education Association, National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Retail Federation.

Business Development Team

Chief of Staff: Amanda Freeze 

A recent addition to The Moery Company team, Amanda serves as a Business Development Associate, managing membership and sponsorship growth for Moery clients such as the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists; American Pool & Spa Professionals; National Roofing Contractors Association, and the Textile Rental & Services Association.

Prior to joining The Moery Company, Amanda was employed by Affinity Center International, an association consulting firm where she developed a solid record of customer service, business development expertise, and organizational collaboration with association professionals.

Business Development Manager: Bethany MurphyA seasoned sales associate, Bethany joined The Moery Company in 2014 as member of the business development team. Bethany’s focus will be on membership and sponsorship campaigns for several Moery clients including, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, the Vinyl Building Council, and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute.

Bethany joined The Moery Company from Bulletin Intelligence in Washington, DC, where she was an Account Executive, and prior to that, a Sales Associate. With expertise in all phases of the sales cycle from prospecting to closing, Bethany also developed and expanded upon advertising revenue and created effective target marketing strategies for her clients.

The Moery Support Team

Editorial/Research Associate: Kim GilliamKim Gilliam joined The Moery Company in 2013 as an Executive Assistant. In addition to her administrative role, Kim conducts research and assists on the production of presentations for Moery clients. Kim monitors Moery’s social media sites and produces its popular e-newsletter.

Kim comes to The Moery Company from an energy consulting firm on Capitol Hill, where she oversaw the business and financial operations of the organization for 6 years. In addition, she has more than 10 years of Association publications experience, having served on the editorial staff of PT, the professional issues magazine of the American Physical Therapy Association in Alexandria, VA.

Administrative Assistant: Kerry DoyleAs the Moery Company Administrative Assistant, Kerry supports the sales team with their business development campaigns, meeting planning, scheduling, and other organizational responsibilities. Kerry is a graduate of James Madison University, Harrisburg, VA.