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Sponsorship Revenue

Selling Today’s Sponsors

If your sponsorship program has hit a wall – The Moery Company employs several strategies to take growth to a whole new level. Today, your association sponsors actually seek a return on investment and measure the success with real metrics.

We think these companies deserve a sponsorship, which will help them achieve genuine goals for branding and business development. “Coffee Break” relationships and legacy sponsorship programs just don’t cut it anymore.

Sponsors want:

  • Content delivery to your members through speaking opportunities and participation on panel discussions;
  • Customized opportunities that best meet their business needs;
  • Category exclusivity;
  • One-on-one meetings with your members, and much more!

Our sales staff are specialists in this area. We believe sponsorship development is an ongoing, strategic conversation with your supplier community and we position your association as a vehicle for growth.

The Moery Company conducts direct sales centered around a robust sponsorship campaign focused on increasing revenue.

Mike Thomas is available to discuss sponsorship growth solutions.