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Sponsorship Revenue

Associations need to rid themselves of the “coffee break” relationships. So many legacy sponsor programs were built to underwrite food costs, not to truly provide a business development opportunity to the vendor community.

Well, times have changed.

Your association sponsors actually seek a return on investment and measure the success with real metrics. We think these companies deserve a sponsorship which will help them achieve real goals for branding or business development.

At The Moery Company we believe sponsor development is an ongoing, strategic conversation with your supplier community.

Associations like yours have used us…

  • To develop a comprehensive prospectus with new opportunities and pricing options.
  • To create a rollout phase to build awareness and position your association as a vehicle for growth strategies.
  • To conduct direct sales with an experienced team focused on representing your organization with professionalism and increasing revenues.

If your sponsor program is stagnant, does not attract new participants or needs a rigorous evaluation, let’s talk.

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