Strategic Planning - Association Field Report (November 19, 2021) - The Moery Company

Hello, it’s JP Moery, Observations from the Field.  Strategic planning is gearing up again. We’ve had these plans for the last several years that are now obsolete because so many factors have affected us since the pandemic.  Business models and revenue streams are being tested because we can no longer rely on meetings and events to drive revenue to our organizations.  Some industry factors have accelerated due to workforce issues or supply chain items, etc.

It’s a very important time for associations to look forward and start to plan their program of work to be influential and relevant for the next several years. I’ve got a couple of things I want to recommend to you.

Before you start the planning process:

First: interview segments of your membership.

  • Get to know what they’re looking for and what they need the most from you, it may have changed.

Second: have a high-level business analysis.

  • Look at your revenue streams, and what companies are bringing nondues and dues revenue to your organization. Then take that information, qualitative and quantitative, and present that to your strategic planning meeting as a scene-setter and context.
  • My guess is many of them don’t know all the inner workings of the association or are even familiar with it. They know about their business.

That combined with the association metrics and overview is very effective to start a quality strategic planning process.

I wish you well. If you try those little scene centers or build that context, I think your strategic planning committee can be much more effective. Best wishes.

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