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Lyndsey Medsker

Lyndsey Medsker Digital Marketing Consultant

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Lyndsey is a seasoned communicator with nearly two decades of Washington, D.C. experience in issues management, public affairs and digital media. Prior to founding Clear Skies Strategic Communications, Lyndsey served in senior positions at nationally-recognized agencies including public affairs firm Rasky Baerlein|Prism; digital agency New Media Strategies; and crisis management firm Dezenhall Resources.

Lyndsey has extensive experience designing strategic communications programs around high-stakes, high-profile issues in a variety of industries ranging from cosmetics and personal care to food, to financial services and healthcare. She also is a digital media specialist with expertise designing comprehensive consumer education, advocacy and issues management programs using the latest in digital media tools and online strategies.

For more than a decade, Lyndsey has worked with trade associations and industries to better understand the digital conversations happening around their products and services and has served as a senior adviser to executives providing strategic counsel on the most effective way to engage with stakeholders while communicating complex, technical information. Lyndsey lives in Washington, D.C.