Ten Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas - The Moery Company

Are you ready for the incredible opportunities that are about to come your way within the virtual event sponsorships space?

Now is the best time to innovate and monetize your content delivery. Break through the existing bureaucracy and self-imposed roadblocks and move your organization forward with innovative thought leadership, event programing, and digital promotions.

Your sales team will be excited about the prospect of selling something new!

Here are some examples of inventory that I’m seeing right now for virtual events:

  • track sponsorship
  • recorded sessions
  • sponsored breakout sessions and moderated discussion afterward
  • the ability to upload promotional videos into a resource library or a landing page
  • social media promotion of virtual sponsorships
  • virtual exhibit hall with live meetings
  • ability to schedule face-to-face discussions in a virtual setting
  • visitor data for information downloads, videos, and session attendance
  • segmented emails to registrants
  • preliminary sessions, webinars, and Zoom calls leading up to the virtual event and on the topic


Why double down on flawed delivery systems as far as face-to-face meetings go? Develop dual programming with virtual and live events. We don’t want face-to-face events to go away, however, I hope we are better in a post-pandemic world. I spoke with a veteran sales person who has been doing this for 20 years and they said “I finally have something to sell that these sponsors want! The ability to have thought leadership, face-to-face and one-on-one meetings, and the ability to promote those options digitally has been fantastic!”


Time is now, the opportunities are there. Don’t miss out!


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