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This time of the year leaves many leaders in a quandary.  Celebrate, reflect, reward, close deals, finish projects, develop your budget.  There are many activities and some seem to actually work against each other.

#1 To close the final deals, identify the opportunities best aligned with the end-of-the-year plans of your clients.  If your project is not on that list, it is difficult to get the time you need to complete the deal.

#2 Be absolutely clear about the priorities for EOY with your staff.  There is so much “noise” during this season, leaders need to provide clear and simple guidance.

#3 Don’t overbook yourself.  Many of us attempt to execute too much.  Stay focused on the three most important items for your company.

#4 Let your team do their job (and, help them).  My guess is your staff knows what is urgent and important to meet end-of-year goals. Get out of their way!  But, be willing to offer a helpful strategy call or other guidance.

#5 Be calm.  Most of your staff members and colleagues know the end-of-year challenges and opportunities and are watching how you handle it. It’s a great time to set an example.

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