What is the difference between consulting associations and businesses? - Ask JP #007 - The Moery Company


Hi there, welcome to Ask JP! Today’s question (I always appreciate these): what do you think makes consulting for associations different than consulting for business? Ah, great question.

First of all: rhythm and cadence and pace. Associations take much more time to make a decision. So much so, it can be frustrating. Although, once they do, they stick with you for longer. Businesses are much faster in terms of making the decision and they’re much quicker in terms of dropping you, too.

The other thing that’s a little bit different with a business: you’re usually dealing with the principal, or a couple of people. In consulting, or giving them advice, so it’s more one-on-one. Whereas association consulting in, almost all the projects that we have, we’re either dealing with multiple staff members, we’re dealing with members of the organization, and we may be giving a presentation or facilitating dialogue with boards of directors. So, I would say, the human component and the self-awareness of dealing with lots of different constituencies is a big difference on the association side.

Hope that is helpful, thank you for the question!