How to Turn a Fourth Quarter Objection into an Opportunity - The Moery Company



Hi guys, it’s Jackie Bessette from The Moery Company. We are well into November and that fourth-quarter so, if you’re like me, you might be hearing those responses on the phone or to your emails, “Oh, we’re going to look at membership in the new year. Can you call me after January 1st?” “That’s a different budget cycle, can we connect after the holidays?”

This thought process is really normal. We probably all have used it but I would like to challenge us that, instead of just writing the name or the company on a list to call a new year, this is actually an opportunity.

If we take that end of November and go into December and plan some time to connect with this company to go over any application questions. If there’s a process for figuring out the membership dues, do that now. Figure out what kind of approval they need on their end. Who needs to review the materials? What questions exist? If we get all these details worked out now, the membership would actually go in in January and that company can experience membership for the whole year. We want them to really know what it’s like to be part of your association and to do that they need to have time with the organization. If we wait until after the holidays it can, you know, linger January/February and before you know it, they don’t have that full year experience.

Another option might be to look at an extended year membership. This would mean you could on-board them now for the end of this fourth quarter and all of next year to really really, again, experience what it’s like to be part of your organization.

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