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Can the person in charge of member recruitment tell you how much it costs to join your association? I had an experience with a group recently, where the answer was “No.” Primarily because there is more than one answer based on your dues structure . And, not knowing the “cost of membership” puts folks selling association membership at a major disadvantage.

The cost is based on your dues revenue and it often seems these figures are generated in a secretly disclosed location – plugged it into some kind of formula and kicked back out to you. Not awesome. Not easy to go to market with. Not easy to sell. So, here’s what I’d recommend:

Go into your membership database and slot every member by their membership dues and their membership category. Often what we see is an association with twenty different membership tiers. The fact is 90% of of your members fall into about three of those tiers. Once you see it, you get the opportunity to SIMPLIFY those tiers – price them accordingly – and, go to market.

This is not a mystery. You must have a methodology in place that’s simple because association sales people have very little time – a narrow window if you will – to close the deal.

Here’s the process:

#1 Schedule a call
#2 Ascertain what they need from the association, and
#3 Send them information.

To help with the sales process, we need simplicity in our messaging and it goes something like this: “Here are the solutions we can provide for your company based on the problems you need to address and solve, or the opportunities you seek  – and, here’s how we can help you take advantage of the opportunity. Furthermore, here’s how we can help you from the bad guys trying to close your business down.

Here’s how much it costs. Would you like to join?”

Successful membership sales follows a sequence so it’s essential to simplify your pricing – simplify your narrative, the value proposition, and the way you go to market with your prospects.

So, your priority is to address your dues levels. These continue to be archaic and are irrelevant today – modernize. Review your data and see where everybody pans out ASAP.

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